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To clear your proposed trademark, movie title, book title, or website address, you may do an exact name search on:

The Nuans Pre-search database can include both trade names from across Canada (with limited coverage in Quebec) and trademarks.

Once your preliminary searches have cleared, we recommend that you order the same full Nuans search that the Trademarks Office uses, which is a Nuans TM search that reveals names that may be phonetically similar to your proposed trademark, movie title, book title, or website address.

To order a Nuans TM search a name or to apply to register a trademark,
click here to email your request to: david @ nuansreports.com

or call us at:

Order your TM nuans report for $40 using the following Paypal form and get same day services via email and a copy in the mail:

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Nuans reports for trademark seaches

Nuans Code Cost Special Canadian NUANS reports available:
4T $40 Trade-mark and Company Name (4-pg TM / 2-pg Co. Nm)
TM $40 Extended Trade-mark (80-citations)

Call David for a nuans search

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